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Step-up your curb appeal. At Chwala's Construction, we make it possible for every homeowner to enjoy a beautiful, custom-looking home exterior that's also energy efficient and low maintenance. From simple boards to designer accents, we offer a vast selection of siding products from the world's most reputable manufacturers. We'll help you bring your visions to life by assisting you in selecting the right product, style, and color in your price range.

Choose from a wide variety of styles and finishes

Reduce maintenance:
never needs painting, will not fade, crack, chip, or peel

Reduce your energy costs:
hold heat in the winter and cool in the summer

Reduce the noise from outside traffic

Protect your home with gutters. Uneven saturation of the soil around your home's foundation can cause heaving and lead to foundation problems. In areas with loose soil, the runoff from a rainstorm can literally wash away the soil around your home, exposing the foundation. Gutters not only protect your foundation, they also protect your siding, fascia, windows, doors, masonry, and landscaping from damage.

Siding and Gutter Manufacturers

There are many manufacturers of siding and gutters out there. As a professional installer in the Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire area, we can order from any of them. The following is a list of the most popular, high quality brands we regularly install: